Sunday, September 26, 2010

Peter Clifton: Surviving and Thriving in an Online World

A look at author marketing online

We are looking at an expanding digital reading market 500M+ mobile devices, reading and content consumption.  For example, we now have access to the Nook, iPhone, Kindle, iPad, cell phones, PDA’s, Android and more…

Marketing techniques have shifted from offline to online--think Twitter, Facebook, etc.

It is important to keep your information available and correct.

Platform building--link all of your online activities.

You will want to connect directly with readers and build community!

Some social reading Sites- Goodreads, Shelfari, Library Thing

Clifton's site, Filedby, is organized around authors

It is authorcentric and contains information on 10 million books.

It is a place where authors can control the information that’s out there, make it authoritative, and make it right.

Authors basically get a free webpage with different features—for a fee, you get further interesting features. Community helps build direct communication.  For $99 a year, you can post a link that will direct sales where you want.
Check it out for yourself at

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