Saturday, September 25, 2010

Lionel Bender- What are Book Packagers?

Lionel Bender – book packager

Editorial Director of Bender Richardson White (BRW), a book packager (creation/ development house) in London, England and the author of 70+ children’s illustrated non-fiction books.

Started with a Nashville appropriate metaphor- Book publishers are behind the scenes, if they were a band they'd be behind the scenes, the roadies, the producers, never with frontmen with their name in lights.

Book packaging started in London in the mid-1960s.

It started with illustrated non-fiction.

What types of Books do book packagers produce?
Illustrated non-fiction for ages 6 & up

Books for school & libraries

Most are in series.

Most of the books produced by Mr. Bender’s company are science and nature books.

It is more common to see fiction books now produced by book packagers.

Kinds of books book packagers make:

Highly illustrated – photographs or art work

Integrated images & text

Why do Book Packagers exist?

Extra staff (example: book publishers need to complete a series & need extra staff)

A subject matter expertise book packager has

30-40% of the Children's Nonfiction books that you see on shelves are produced by book packagers.

Book packagers often do not pay royalties. They rarely work with agents, they prefer to work directly with authors.

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